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Ashbringers is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (10)
Frost (10)
Unholy (10)
Balance (10)
Feral (10)
Restoration (10)
Beast Masters (10)
Marksmanship (10)
Survivalists (10)
Arcane (10)
Fire (10)
Frost (10)
Holy (10)
Protection (10)
Retribution (9)
Discipline (10)
Holy (9)
Shadow (10)
Assassination (10)
Combat (10)
Subtlety (10)
Elemental (10)
Enhancement (10)
Restoration (10)
Affliction (10)
Demonology (10)
Destruction (10)
Arms (10)
Fury (10)
Protection (10)
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Maenads, Aug 2, 11 5:29 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Ashbringers - Stormrage    

<Ashbringers> is a new guild on Stormrage looking for quality raiders who would like to raid full time. Raid hours is Monday through Sunday from 9:15 PM to 2:00 AM EST. If we are done with raiding before the week ends, we will do achievement runs or any other runs that a guild member can think of, or just plain old PvP.

Raid info:


Something I like about 10-man raids is that a guild can have multiple raids going on at once.

So, if we have 30 people logged on, no one will be left behind or on the bench waiting. We will try to organize 3 10-man raids and head out.


My goal as a Guild Master:


Get everyone ready for:


Right now we start to do 10-man raids

In 2 to 3 weeks from now, we start doing 10-man heroics

In 4 weeks from now, we start 25-man raids

In 6 weeks from now, we start 25-man heroics.


Hopefully we can do this earlier than that but this is just an estimate.


Loot system:


We will be using a DKP system where you will get DKP for:

Signing up

Being on on time

Killing new bosses

For farmed bosses

Donating to the bank (Flasks, food, etc.)

Per hour.


What we are looking for:


We are looking for people that are dedicated, has a great personality, and that has great skill with the class that they are playing with. People that insult, rage or scream in guild chat or on vent are not welcomed.


Additional Info:


This is a perfect way to start raiding if you just hit lvl 85 or if you want to start fresh in a new guild. Help us become one of the best guilds in the server.

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